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Old News

What was new on Vlado World-Wide:


  • However good or bad a situation is - it will change.
  • Because of the currently very media-dominating “economic crisis“ I‘m trying to find a solution to the question “Why is there no money left?”.
  • “Through the beautiful always to the good”: New recordings from my choir.




  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010!
  • More new content coming soon!


  • My “to-do list“ with plans for Vla­do World-​Wide grows and grows, but during the two years' teacher training I'm currently in I can't even think of processing it all.
  • Also being a member and the webmaster of my local Greens branch takes a lot of the time I might otherwise have used for this private homepage of mine.
  • After three semesters at the university choir I joined the men's choir “Har­mo­nie” 1882 early this year. Our next performance is November 22nd at the Freischütz.



  • Back in Dortmund I completed the India photo gallery, and added a map of my trip.
  • Minor modification: the content nogotiation (to choose the correct language) is now performed by the server, no longer by my PHP code.
  • The about page is slightly updated.
  • All photo galleries now look better.
  • The promised source-code package to my visualisation of page visits is now available.




  • The web pages on Vlado World-Wide are now created with PHP. The language to use is now detected from the browser settings. Soon some new content will follow.
  • One of the many little updates is the merger of my three little road bike videos into one.


  • The about page is updated.
  • 52 photos of a three-day holiday in Hamburg.
  • Minor corrections of the old photo album.
  • Adapted some formats to idiosyncrasies of the relatively new Internet Explorer 7. Please use a different browser if you can!
  • I felt impelled to make my contempt for advertising in my guestbook more explicit, after I had to delete 25 spam entries within one year.





  • In order to finally have reliable e-mail addresses with my domain I’ve switched to JPBerlin. So now I pay more, which as a side-effect also gives me enough webspace to have all my pictures, including those from my Australia Year 2003, on the same server.
  • Three new photos from Dortmund, taken near my flat.


  • Problems with my e-mail address again: like in 2004 I had to discover that some e-mails that assertedly were sent to me never reached their destination. I’ll no longer pay this provider, and try to find something more reliable. If you are still waiting for a reply, please send you message again!
  • Finally we in Dortmund also get to feel climate change! Not only that riding the bicycle without gloves is no problem at all this January (which is supposed to be one of the coldest winter months, together with February) - no, we even finally get to experience interesting winds in the city area, so the we no longer just now windthrown trees from tv shows and holiday trips.



  • Instead of uploading pictures that I took to the Dortmund gallery, there are five photos of me, taken by friends, this time.
  • Probably my longest holiday in duration and distance during summer 2006: three days in Mainz.
  • Just in case someone missed it: the guestbook is working again.
  • No more GPL violation: my modifications to the guestbook are now available in source code.



Climbing Koala


  • What are the top 100 most embarrassing things?
    • 1. Love.
    • 2. When you don’t have a clue.
    • 3. First having a big mouth, and then just coming up with three.
    (I saw something like this in TITANIC)

    I am glad to now have clarity... because indeed it was embarassing, havig this stupid heart on the top of my news page, although she said she was “not sure”. So now I’m on my own again and can light-heartedly travel half-way around the world... new pics from Australia are planned for mid-April.

  • Already done: minor corrections to the Australia Page.
  • Yet another thing: three new Photos from Germany.


  • Having solitarily travelled half-way around the world I finally found love at home, a girl from my own kindergarten group!
  • She does not like the idea of being displayed on the internet, unlike my flatmate, who usually encurages me to take and upload photos of him.
  • Apart from the abovementioned flatmate photo there are six other new photos at the bottom of the Dortmund photo page.



  • I’m back from Turkey, with 132 Photos! I think I should create a new photo index page, somewhere in this labyrinth website.


  • 68 Photos of a two week bike ride along the river Rhine.


  • The software patents cause is won, free software (free as in free speach) will remain legal in Europe in the forseeable future.
  • Now there is a (German) blog with photos from our Uni’s protest camp against tuition fees.




  • Fixed minor bugs in the dFG Script and improved its English installation instructions.



  • Vlado World-Wide moved to a different provider! Probably there will still be some work to be done on the website, but all my eMail addresses with vlado-do.de should already work properly again.


  • Problems with my eMail addresses "@vlado-do.de": recently evidence for very poor reliability has been overwhelming:
    • Although I wrote so many e-mails recently, on the 16th of November for instance, I hardly get any.
    • On mailing lists I get replies to e-mails that seemingly were send to that list as well, but newer reached me.
    • A test e-mail I send to myself only arrived with a four day delay.
    How annoying! If someone is reading this who wrote me an e-mail that I did not reply to, although its content did not make a reply all too unlikely, please don’t hesitate: send it again! Duplicate e-mails are much less annoying than no e-mails at all...
  • My internet domain’s move to a different provider has been initiated, but has not been carried out yet. In the meantime writing to my old GMX address might be the more reliable way of reaching me (although it is heavily loaded with junkmail and especially e-mails written in English run a small risk of being falsely identified as spam by my local SpamAssassin): e-mail vlado@gmx.net



  • The Japanese character of the title page should now display correctly (as long as you have the necessary font) because with the help of a little PHP script I found out the character’s unicode "number".
  • I removed a file from the dFG archive which should not have been in it from the start and cleaned up the dFG’s css file too.






  • Photos from my big holiday in 2003/2004: one month of traveling between Sydney and Cairns


  • I’m back to Germany, moved house, set up a new computer...
  • ...wrote descriptions for the Australia Photos from last update...
  • ...and on my ToDo list: upload photos from Australia’s East Coast, from Tasmania, Singapore and Dortmund!
  • Removed the "frameset version" of this homepage that noone used, anyway.
Snow Man


  • New Photos from Australia!
  • Slight modification of the About Page, because the BVB camera is no longer public.
Seasons Greeting


  • Three new photos with Ameet in the last Australia Gallery - welcome Indian visitors! ;-)



no e patents logo



  • Three panorama pictures from the Central Australia trip.
  • I changed the layout of the site, especially the menu, so that now it looks less crap (but still not right) in the unfortunately so wide-spread Micro$oft IE. I’m now using less transparent PNG pictures (which are looking ugly in the IE for Windows), but I copied the rounded edges design from the Why Mozilla (for users) site (which the IE does not support either).






  • Even more new pictures on the Australia-page, including the Bike Ride panorama



09 and 10-03-2003

  • Update from a great distance: I’m in Australa for one year!



  • Now this homepage is no longer handmade but generated - with wml. You will be able to read more about that, here, in a few days.
  • In the curse of the changeover I fixed some mistakes, deleted some out-of-date stuff and translated the photo descriptions and the current about page.
  • Now I finally have a real domain, www.vlado-do.de.


  • Sorry, the English version is absolutely not up-to-date any more.
    You can nevertheless have a look at the new photos (although I did not yet have the time to translate the descriptions)
  • Fixed a broken link (PB7 runtime error 200 patch)


  • There were still problems with the new guest book. Hope it works for you now.
  • Added a link to an html-syntax-checker on the main links section.


  • Now the new guest book is online. I hope that someone signs it some day...
  • The about-page is updated.



  • Again, nothing is really new on my hp. Only thing is that I’ve moved these pages to a new provider... and still you have found them! :-)


  • Sorry, no new content yet. Most changes made to the english pages are invisible.


  • made slight modifications to the about section
  • added the browser-check on this page


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