Australia 22.06. - 17.08.2003: Another Rally, the City, Churches, Bike Rides, the Uni...

Fast alle Bilder haben diesmal längere individuelle Beschreibungen mit links zu anderen Internet-Seiten bekommen.

Nearly all pictures here have longer indiviuall descriptions with links to other sites on the web.

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Rally for Refugees

World Refugee Day

Yes Peace!

A Coffin...

...for Dead Refugees


Night Time...

...Telephone Time

Australian Coins

The Coins' Boring Side

Computer Study Hall

A Whale Skeleton

Flying over Melbourne...

...Almost ;-)

City Circle Tram

A Woman Feeding Ducks

Eric Behind a New Window

A Dry Fountain

Dreifaltigkeits Kirche

Church in the Shadow

Another Church

The Church has Water

Hells Angels Melbourne

Sunset in St. Kilda

...and @ St. Kilda Beach

Bicycles @ the Station

Spring? Autumn?

Healthy Food

Horses with Coats

Think Ahead, Think Helmet

Bridge Over Freeway

More Accidents

I Always Wanted... Do This!

Get Into the Car

Don't Stop Us Now!

Middle Finger

Trying to Juggle

Ducks in the Tree
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