Famous Warmongers Since the Founding of the UN in 1945


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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (Photo: CC)
„USA sends clear signal to Tehran“, is the headline my local newspaper chose for a press agency (DPA) text. Nineteen Iranian fighters were reportedly killed by an airstrike in Syria. Pentagon (U.S. War Department) spokesman John Kirby called it a “proportionate response to recent attacks against U.S. soldiers and their international partners in Iraq.” He said a civilian contractor for the international military coalition was killed in an attack on the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. As context, which unfortunately you don't read about in the newspaper article, you should know that the U.S. and its “contractors” are in Iraq against the will of the Iraqi parliament. Moreover, of course, the attack on Syrian soil, which the Syrian government condemned “in the strongest terms” according to the newspaper, was illegal under international law.
Just imagine if in Italy, Japan or any other of the over 40 countries with U.S. military bases, for example, Russia had killed 19 U.S. soldiers with an air strike from Syria in response to the U.S. killing a “contractor” of Russia in Syria. Then the Ruhr-Nachrichten would certainly not have headlined “Russia sends clear signal to Washington” or quoted the Russian war minister as saying “This was really a defensive strike”.

Background and consequences

The idea for the creation of this page comes from „Illegale Kriege - Wie die NATO-Länder die UNO sabotieren / Eine Chronik von Kuba bis Syrien“ (2016) by Swiss historian and peace researcher Daniele Ganser. Much of the information here is taken from this book, bibliographic data also from Wikipedia, so that I can't guarantee accuracy... in doubt please do your own research!

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